Ṭaḥrir in Tayf Newsletter 2016


After the perfect photographer, filmmaker and devoted explorer of Socotra Vladimir MELNIK has made his first photos of the mystified “Socotra gazelle” in 2009, the question of this “wild goat” existence closed in 1903 by Prof. Ogilvie-Grant became open for new interesting discoveries.

And, as Sir Ernest Bennett being an avid hunter once said, “As to wild goat, I was unable to get a shot at this noble-looking beast. One realise in Sokotra the full force of the statement ‘the high hills are a refuge for the wild goat’.”

Ernest N. Bennett. Two Months on Sokotra. Longman’s Magazine, Sept. 1897, p.409

So, is Tahrir also called by Socotrans in Arabic as “ghazaal”(gazelle) and never mentioned in Socotra WHS files of 2006 still ‘a myth’?

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