Aivazovsky’s Great-grandson Filming Socotra in 1973

Photos: 1. Oleg Artseulov, 1961 –

2-5. Footage from the film showing now almost “leaving nature” of old Socotra being preserved till the end of 1970s.

Nowadays, in the era of ubiquitous penetration of digital photos and videos available to all, it may seem strange how little in the days of film photography and filming the island of Socotra was shot. The world’s leading photographers and filmmakers almost set the “Island of Bliss’ aside.

Thus more surprising was, when using all that Internet, to find that a short documentary story about Socotra in the early 1970s was shot by one of the most well-known Russian filmmaker professionals, graduate of VGIK (1953), Honored Artist of Russian Federation (1969) and then the People’s Artist of Russian Federation (1979), the cameraman and documentary film director Oleg Artseulov. His little film ‘The Island of Socotra’ became “the fourth story” in the ‘Newsreel Film-travel almanac 1973 № 84’ (Tsentrnauchfilm, USSR).

The master of documentory reportage, publicism and observation, Oleg K. Artseulov was also a great-grandson of the great Russian marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky and the son of the legendary pilot of WW I (the first tamer of fatal spin in 1916) and the first tester of the first flying machine made by the future lead Soviet rocket engineer and spacecraft designer Sergey Korolyov (his first glider “Koktebel” in 1929 ) Constantine Artseulov.

See: Newsreel Film-travel almanac 1973 № 84
4. “The Island of Socotra.”
by Oleg K. Arceulov (Artseulov)

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